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by Stephen Trout

Your ministry website is at its best when it features stories of grace.

Stories have a way of connecting with us, beyond the mere dispensing of information. As writers often say, good stories “show, rather than tell.” Grace “fleshed out” moves us to gratitude, which propels service.

Stories of grace also help to embody propositional truth claims in real people — which is how the story of redemption unfolds. We see their struggles and joys, hopes and fears, and we know we’re not alone. Scripture reiterates this continually: grace shines through broken people — and only the broken — even in the most challenging of circumstances.

With that in mind, one great opportunity to highlight a “grace story,” create discussion, and celebrate Women’s History Month all at the same time is to watch Corrie ten Boom: A Faith Undefeated, available now for free on Amazon Prime.

Perfect for your family, church, and neighbors who may be exploring the faith — especially teens who may be unfamiliar with Corrie’s amazing story — A Faith Undefeated is a documentary unlike most.

An Old Story, Revisited

You may have read the book, or even seen the old ‘Hiding Place’ movie from the mid-1970s. Corrie’s family was part of the Nazi resistance in the Netherlands during World War II, helping to hide nearly 800 Jewish men, women, and children in her home and save them from the death camps.

This gripping account is timely — especially in light of current events. It feels poignant as well because of the many first-hand remembrances of Corrie’s gracious assistant, Pam Rosewell Moore.

Ms. Moore lived with and served Corrie as her personal assistant for over seven years, while the latter traveled the globe and told her story. Her moving testimony helps us to peek “behind the curtain” at a remarkable woman who lived through the unimaginable horrors of Ravensbruck, yet was preserved by an amazing providence.

“The blacker the night around us grew, the brighter and truer and more beautiful burned the Word of God,” Corrie later wrote. “Life in Ravensbruck, took place on two separate levels, mutually impossible. One, the observable, external life, grew every day more horrible. The other, the life we lived with God, grew daily better, truth upon truth, glory upon glory.”

One particular providence among many was when the barracks that Corrie and her sister Betsie were assigned to in the camp became infested with fleas. Over 800 women were crammed into a structure designed for 200. While the conditions were deplorable, they thanked God for the fleas because the soldiers left the women alone and so abused them less.

Eventually, Corrie was released (through a “clerical error” — God is in the details) and after the war, traveled the world with a radical message of forgiveness for her captors. This would be put to the ultimate test one day through a face-to-face confrontation with one of her captors — a Nazi soldier — who approached her after one of her talks. (I won’t reveal the outcome here — you’ll just have to watch it for yourself).

Truepath Helps you Tell Grace Stories!

Truepath’s website builder is perfect for highlighting such stories of grace on your site. You can choose from a variety of included templates, from blogs to photo galleries, events calendars, social media, and Youtube.

Featuring a simple drag and drop app, you can build your website quickly and easily — without needing to know code or have previous programming experience. Visitors to your site will be impressed by the professional-looking site you’ve built and will want to learn more about your ministry’s story.

A final word about grace stories. You might be tempted to believe they must only showcase the so-called “super saints” — those about whom books are written and movies are made.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Grace stories are about you and I as well — and as Corrie would hasten to add — ultimately about the heart of Jesus as he works in and through his children.

Says Ms. Moore, “If you and I can learn to tell our stories — not necessarily in writing but in talking about them, in daily living and in worship — we will affect our world in ways that only eternity will tell.”

Why not get started today?

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