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5 min readApr 3, 2023

You’ve been wanting to write a blog for your ministry site for a long time, but always seem to be short on ideas.

You’ve heard that a regular, well-written blog can do a lot for your site — from providing helpful resources for growth, to attracting people to your site — even boosting your search engine rankings.

And it’s true!

If you think about it, there are no shortage of themes and wonderful Gospel promises from Scripture to discuss in a blog, reminding us of God’s faithfulness and fatherly commitment to his children.

Or, a series on difficult and frequently misunderstood passages — graciously unfolded — might also spark interest.

Or, you might want to write an “arts and culture” feature that introduces readers to recent books, films, music, and plays that creatively reflect God’s work of redemption in the world.

Like a master artist whose paintings help you see life from a fresh perspective, a regular feature on the arts can reveal God’s beauty and truth in imaginative ways.

In addition, including your own, first-hand life experiences (both struggles and new steps in obedience) in your blog not only helps your readers to apply truth and connect personally with your theme, they are also looked highly upon by Google’s new algorithms! And, they’re a great way to keep your blog lively and fresh.

With all this in mind, the following list of 20 blog ideas can help provide that freshness, and spark your creativity when the well may be running a bit dry. (We selected these — with a few modifications — from an even larger list, which can be found here).

Hope it gets your wheels going, and happy writing!

1. Your Favorite People from the Bible (and Christian history)

The Bible is filled with many excellent stories and characters from which any Christian can learn. (That’s part of God’s design in fleshing out his truth!) Create a weekly series where you write about your favorite characters from the Bible or from more recent history, including what you were able to learn from their stories.

2. Your Testimony

Do you have any particular experience where God impacted your life? If so, don’t be shy to write about it. This can be about healing, promotion, being saved from troublesome experiences, etc. You may also choose to end the post by encouraging your audience to share their testimonies in the comment section.

3. How You Struggled with Faith

If you have a personal blog, write about the different times that you have struggled to keep your faith, and how (by grace) you were able to overcome these difficulties. Your audience likely understands the obstacles that can make it difficult to put your faith ahead of many other things, so they will be able to sympathize with this post.

4. Best Devotionals

Create a post where you list your favorite daily devotionals and what makes them unique. Encourage your audience to list any that you may have missed in the comments.

5. Your Favorite Books, Films, and Music

Almost everyone has works of art that inspire them. Write a post containing your (or another’s) favorite book, movie, play, or piece of music, including how it helps you (them) see and worship God more deeply. Your post may also include interviews of artists giving an inside look at what inspired them to create.

6. How You Became a Christian

Share the memory of how you were converted or what caused you to want to dedicate your life to Christianity. Your post may also include what your life was like before you became a Christian, and how it has changed since.

7. What does X Proverb mean?

Create a series where you go through each proverb and write about its explanation. This can be helpful for members of your audience who struggle to find the meaning behind each verse.

8. X Things You Love About Your Church

Create a post where you list the things that make your church special.

9. Best Ways to Communicate with a Child that Does Not Believe in Christianity.

This is one of the many struggles of Christian parents today. Offer advice on the best ways that a parent can speak to a child who doubts Christianity.

10. The Sermon That Changed Your Outlook on Life

Through the course of your Christian life, there may be certain sermons that touched you. Think back deeply about these and give a summary of what the sermon was about. Additionally, if you remember any verses or chapters relating to the sermon, be sure to add these to the post.

11. Best Bible Verses For X

Certain Bible verses can be helpful for Christians dealing with certain issues. Draw your audience’s attention to these by creating a series where you write about the best verses for a problem they may be facing. For example, one of the posts may be, “Best Bible Verses for Dealing With Grief.”

12. Helpful Apps for Christians

Tell your audience about the best apps that can help bring their Christian experience to the digital world e.g., your recommended Bible app, prayer tools, etc.

13. Difference Between the Christian Denominations

A new Christian may get confused by the different sects of Christianity. Create a post where you write about the different branches of Christianity, including a brief history, and the differences between each of them.

14. Your Favorite Psalms

The book of Psalms is filled with many beautiful verses. Write about your favorite psalms and why they inspire you.

15. Your Favorite Proverbs

Many Christians see the proverbs as the book of wisdom or insight. Create a list of what your favorite proverbs are and encourage your audience to share theirs in the comments.

16. How to Pray for X?

Create a series of posts where you show your audience the best way to pray for certain things. For example, one of your posts may be, “How to Pray for My Wife”.

17. What Does X Biblical Concept Mean?

Fully being able to understand the Bible is not an easy task, and certain parts may still be difficult to interpret despite being a Christian for many years. If you come across phrases or chapters that you think could be challenging to some Christians, create a post explaining what it means.

18. How to Talk to Your Children About Coming to Church

Christian parents who may want their children to attend Church, often find it difficult to get the message across. Create a post where you offer advice on the best ways to get unwilling children to try out Church.

19. How You Memorize Scriptures

Can you quote scripture from memory? If so, create a post about the methods that have helped you easily remember Bible verses. Being able to recall scripture is often seen as an important skill for Christians and your audience will be appreciative of your advice.

20. Interview Your Pastor

During the interview, try to offer information that your audience would love to hear about, such as how they became a pastor.

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Truepath Christian Web Hosting

Truepath was established in 1997 and leads the way in Christian Web hosting. We strive to always offer the best value, features and support to our customers.